This homepage is based on the research,

which is the first IBO Alumni research which include more than 735 responses from 56 countries.

Total Alumni Number of IBO is estimated around 3500 people.

If you cooperate this survey it would be very much appreciated .  The link is as follows.


We ask for your cooperation.

 IBO Alumni  Survey Sheet


Our Aim

Through the survey, we have found a lot of Alumni, who have created excellent projects.  

We can provide updated information about Alumni members to the rest of the members.

  Also, this page will be made in order to answer to the rising demands for collaborations, job hunting and recruiting opportunities.



Junichi Saito, Ph.D.

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Japan Biology Olympiad committee


Prof. Ryocihi Matsuda.


Japan Biology Olympiad Coordinator

International Biology Olympiad 

Steering committee chair